Crushed Release

As you know, book two of the In This Moment Series-Crushed, is with my editor. I'm hoping for a summer release date. (Fingers & toes crossed) In the mean time, I'm doing some prep work. I've contacted a couple of PR companies, but I'm testing the waters to see how successful I can be on... Continue Reading →


In This Moment is currently on sale for $1.99 through the end of the month. Crushed, book 2 in the series, is being sent to the editor this week. I'm aiming for a summer release. Fingers crossed. Dates will be announced closer to time. I'm posting the unofficial blurb below. “It’s not the moment that defines you,... Continue Reading →

In this moment – Release

“Our lives are made up of moments, and I used to think it was only the big moments that made an impact, but now I know even the smallest of moments can change your life forever.”   Two years ago, tragedy struck for Elizabeth Shea, ensuring her life would never be the same. Unable to let... Continue Reading →

A part of me 

This is so true. Every story I write has little pieces of me sprinkled in. Perhaps that's why writers tend to take their writing so seriously or it feels so personal when someone doesn't like it, because we've put ourselves into our writing in more ways than one. 


So, it is basically impossible to listen to the voices in your head when you have so much going on around you.  The last couple of months have been bananas for me, trying to sell my home and purchase a new one on top of working on getting my first book ready to publish.  I... Continue Reading →

Love thy Author 

Books are amazing, right?  They are a magical fantasy filled escape. No doubt you have a favorite author (or a few favorites like me) that you absolutely love. You probably patiently await every new release, watching for every teaser just itching to click that pre-order button.  But... do you really appreciate the hard work and... Continue Reading →

Taking a chance

I am taking a chance by deciding to publish my writing.  I know the risks, but I also know that they are well worth the reward.  Making this decision means opening myself up for ridicule; it means sharing a part of myself with the world.  I'm not going to lie, it is all scary as hell. ... Continue Reading →

Another check on my list

When I decided to do something with my writing, I never dreamed there will be so much involved in the process.  The voices in my head kept telling me "if you write it, they will read it" and I believed them.  If only it were as "simple" as just getting your story out of your head and onto... Continue Reading →

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