Another check on my list

When I decided to do something with my writing, I never dreamed there will be so much involved in the process.  The voices in my head kept telling me “if you write it, they will read it” and I believed them.  If only it were as “simple” as just getting your story out of your head and onto paper, but that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.  Once you think you finally have your story the way you want it, you get to send it off to an editor for slaughter.  Then you get to think about stuff like formatting, cover design, marketing strategies with book blog tours and social media accounts, getting the copyright for your work, and setting up a web page.  All of this and more has to be done before you get to push that magical publish button.  It can all feel very over whelming and maddening at times, but I truly believe all of this is going to pay off in the end.

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