Love thy Author 

Books are amazing, right?  They are a magical fantasy filled escape. No doubt you have a favorite author (or a few favorites like me) that you absolutely love. You probably patiently await every new release, watching for every teaser just itching to click that pre-order button.  But… do you really appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into getting those pages of happiness to you?  Do you realize the amount of hours that are spent staring at a computer screen?  Do you fully understand just how much of their heart and soul an author puts into their work?

I didn’t, at least until now.  Books are my addiction.  I have spent countless hours reading and countless dollars (shhh… don’t tell my husband) buying them.  I follow all my favorite authors on different social media accounts showing them love whenever I can. But it wasn’t until I started the process of writing and publishing my first novel that I truly began to appreciate them.

When I started this process I never dreamed there would be so much involved. Sure I knew it wasn’t as simple as just writing a story. I was prepared for the hours of rewrites and editing that you go through once you’re finally able to get the story out of your head and onto paper. But… it doesn’t stop there. Not even close. 

You’ll probably never hear an author complain about how hard writing is (which is not what I am doing either) because it’s a labor of love. A writer writes because it brings them pleasure. It makes them whole. Writing is more than just a part of who they are. It’s more than a hobby or career. It’s passion, love, and inspiration. 

The next time you’re enjoying a good book, keep in mind how much love and dedication went into it. If you love a book, tell the author. The best way to show your appreciation is to let them know that their writing brought your joy.  Also keep in mind the next time you are being critical of a book or someone’s writing, just don’t. That author put themselves into their work. They had the courage to put parts of their heart and soul out into the world for anyone to see. Instead of pointing out their flaws, try admiring their strength. 

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