So, it is basically impossible to listen to the voices in your head when you have so much going on around you.  The last couple of months have been bananas for me, trying to sell my home and purchase a new one on top of working on getting my first book ready to publish.  I was able to work on the first draft of my third book Thirteen some right before our move, but haven’t been able to write any for the last couple of weeks.  My first book in currently still in the editing process.  Not going to lie, I am super nervous about getting that back.  At the end of the day though, I believe in my work and the story.  All three of my book covers are being worked on currently also, which I am super duper excited about!  I can not wait to see them or to share them with you guys.

My plans from here are to finish my first draft of my third book while I wait to hear back from my editor on my first book.  Once I have that back, I will work on the suggested corrections/rewrites getting it ready for formatting.  My hopes to have In this moment published by the end of September is still a possibility although it will mean a couple of long days for me.  After I have my first book ready to publish, I will start the process with my second book, Crushed.  Fingers crossed, it won’t take nearly as long to get my second book out.  Of course, once the second is ready I will move on to third.  As far as the series goes, I have at least two more books running through my head.  However, I am thinking I am going to put the series on hold to write something a little different.  I guess it will really just depend on which of the voices are speaking the loudest.  Ha!

I am getting closer each day to seeing my dream come to life, and it feels amazing.  Now that we are officially settled in our new home, (although I am writing this in the floor of my new office bc I still don’t have a desk) I plan to focus on my writing as much as possible.  Writing is my passion.  I do it because I enjoy it; because it brings me peace.  On the flip side of that though, I can’t hoping that I can make something out of it also.  Wouldn’t everyone love to be able to make money doing what they love though?

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