The Princess and The Jester

The third and final Westbrook Three book is coming!

Release Date: December 16th

Cover Reveal: October 16th

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👑 Blurb 👑

Cole Masterson is an imposter.
Fake. Phony. Liar. 
And, once upon a time, he was mine. He’s the fearsome jester of Westbrook High, and I’m the spoiled princess. 

They don’t know the real Cole—not the way I did. He’s been a stranger to me for years, pretending to be one of them. And I’m desperate for him to see me again. 

Until he moved in down the hall. Now, there’s no escaping his hungry emerald gaze or wickedly sexy smile. 

Gwendolyn Rhodes is one of the rich elite. 
Privileged. Entitled. Pampered. 
She’s out of my league. 
No matter what I do to fit in, they’ll always see me as the housekeeper’s son. I’ve tried to forget about her—to move on with my life. 

But I let her games pull me back in. All bets were off the second I got too close to her. 

She’s been messing with my head, but I’ve changed the rules. 
She didn’t plan to wager her heart.
But I’m playing for keeps.

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