I've totally been neglecting to keep my website updated. Sorry about that. I'm juggling so many different balls at once, I'm bound to drop one on occasion. You can always find me somewhere--Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat. If you really want the inside scoop, you should join my reader group on FB --->  https://www.facebook.com/groups/170555216806503/. This … Continue reading #authorfail

It’s coming!!

The count down is on, add Crushed to your Goodreads TBR list now! Goodreads: Crushed by A.D. McCammon You can also check out my Crushed Playlist on Spotify. Crushed Playlist Want to see the cover and blurb before anyone else? Join my reader group. AD's McReaders

Reader Group

So, I'm always working to learn and grow as an indie author. This week I learned that I should already have a Facebook reader group and a newsletter. I've been slacking, apparently, but I'm correcting it. The reader group is up and I'm working on my newsletter. Both will have insider scoops, deals, giveaways, etc. … Continue reading Reader Group